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I like to kill horse flies and deer flies.  Wait a minute.  I mean, I LOVE to kill them!  I witness the stress caused to my horses when plagued by these creatures.  I see the welts and dried blood caused by their nasty bites. So when I can kill even one of these pests I relish it and envision myself to be a bit of a hero in my horse's eyes.

Okay, so maybe my imagination runs away with me.  Perhaps my horse is thinking, "Well, that's one down and a thousand or so more to go!  Geesh!"

While we long for the warm, long days to ride and enjoy our horses, the warm months of summer can be the bane of a horse's existence due to the constant barrage of flies they must endure throughout most of the warm days.  So the best thing we can do for our horses is to develop a good strategy to trim down the numbers of flies that relentlessly attach our equine friends.

Unfortunately there is not one solution that is 100% full-proof to successfully get rid of horse flies, deer flies or any of the other flies that attack us and our horses.  So the best way to get rid of flies is to utilize fly traps and spray solutions to keep the populations down.  I highly recommend the use of natural ways to get rid of flies in the form of homemade sprays and traps that do not use chemicals damaging to the environment.


Homemade Horse and Deer Fly Spray Solution using Ivory Dish Detergent:
   - One cup of Ivory liquid dish detergent
   - One gallon water
   - A spray bottle
   - Mix the detergent with the water and place in the spray bottle.  Apply to flies.  This solution suffocates the flies.

Homemade Horse Fly Spray with Lemon Ammonia, dishsoap & Mint mouthwash:
   - Mint flavored mouthwash
   - Lemon dish soap
   - Lemon ammonia
   - Spray bottle
   - Mix the above in equal parts. Place in a spray bottle.  Apply this solution to your yard, your plants, shrubs, around the pasture and barn, and on your lawn furniture. It will repel the horse flies.


Purchase horse and deer fly traps.  Take note, however, that horse flies are not attracted to bait that works by scent, they are visual hunters. Horse fly traps are visual targets that lure the flies into a bottle where they get trapped and then die from the heat of the sun. 

A fly trap from AgraCo is one option for you. It attracts the flies into a container of water and kills them. You can learn more about it online at or call the company at 1-800-337-4169.


You can purchase fly predators from companies such as, Arbico Organics (see link below) which are shipped about every 4 weeks in larvae form.  Follow the instructions and apply them to your manure piles.  These insects will consume the larvae of the flies and work very well to keep populations down.

So there you have it.  I am certain there are nearly as many remedies out there as there are frustrated horses and horse owners, so be sure to provide your comments and personal success stories. 

Maybe you have discovered a wonderful solution to those pesky flies.  If so, please share your knowledge with the rest of us.  Our horse will thank you.
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